ENJOY CHIPS S.E. was created in 2018 but it builds on 30 years of experience in the production and development of smart snacks for well-known private labels. After merging with the investment group Khypo s.r.o., based in the Czech Republic, it comes up with its own brand of smart snacks; ENJOY CHIPS.

ENJOY CHIPS  product line is a healthy snack food alternative made from freshly harvested vegetables.

From a patented manufacturing process, ENJOY CHIPS begin with locally harvest vegetables. They are pre-processed with powdered potatoes and then either fried without palm oil, or baked, without the need or use of any artificial ingredients or colorings or chemical additives. The beauty of the entire process is that it is controlled from harvest to packaging by our company.

ENJOY CHIPS are made from a innovative process with freshly harvested vegetables and potatoes without chemical additives, artificial ingredients or colorings. The product is high in fiber, low in calories and salt and is GMO free.

The difference is in the ingredients used, the manufacturing and the resulting natural flavor. ENJOY CHIPS use no artificial ingredients, colorings, additives flour or palm oil.

What you taste when enjoying ENJOY CHIPS is the real vegetable and not a vegetable substitute. The patented manufacturing process was designed to keep the real flavor of the vegetable used.

No additives or enhancers are used in ENJOY CHIPS. There is no palm oil, flour, chemicals or other additives or preserves used to enhance or maintain the flavor of ENJOY CHIPS.

ENJOY CHIPS are made from 100 % natural ingredients. There are no additives, colorings, chemicals, flavor enhancers, flour or palm oil used. The natural flavor that you taste when eating ENJOY CHIPS is the real flavor of the vegetable used.

Any vegetable can be used to make ENJOY CHIPS. If it grows in the ground, it can be harvested and used. AND, the natural flavor of that vegetable will be maintained in the final product. Beetroot chips will taste like beetroot; carrot chips will taste like carrots, radish chips will taste like radishes… all because they are the real ingredients used.

Both versions of ENJOY CHIPS maintain are healthier snack alternatives.

The primary reason that ENJOY CHIPS are nutritious comes from their production process and that the entire process is controlled under one roof. There is nothing artificial about ENJOY CHIPS: 100 % real vegetables are used without anything artificial or chemical being added. The chips were designed as a healthy alternative to existing packaged snack foods. The entire concept behind ENJOY CHIPS is health and nutrition. Therefore we use no palm oils, added fats or enhancers and no GMO products.

Other packaged fried snack foods are are made with palm oil, salts and additives with artificial flavorings and colors. Everything about ENJOY CHIPS is natural, using a minimum 35 % or real vegetables in the production process. The result is a nutritious snack that satisfies the hunger craving without guilt. We know that other packaged snack foods are bad for us but the craving for them makes us use them. ENJOY CHIPS allows us to satisfy that craving without feeling guilty because we know what we are eating is made of natural ingrediences.

The difference is in the production process and taste. ENJOY CHIPS are made without palm oil, flour and artificial ingredients. Fried ENJOY CHIPS are not greasy and heavy like other fried chips. Further, the flavor of ENJOY CHIPS is in the vegetable and not the oil used! And, ENJOY CHIPS are higher in fiber, low in salt and contain less than 100 kcal. Lighter, natural tasting and guilt free!

ENJOY CHIPS and be customized for any region, country, custom and need. Even the shape can be redesigned for individual markets and audiences.

ENJOY CHIPS is targeted for any healthy lifestyle. For those who are concerned about what they eat or put into their bodies.

Because production of ENJOY CHIPS is controlled by one company, transportation costs are reduced. (Once harvested, production is under one roof, reducing transport requirements and fuel). Energy savings from “under one roof” controls and reduced carbon emissions from production and transportation.