It is a natural alternative that can satisfy the cravings for a snack in a beneficial way “Snacking without feeling guilty”!  The colors and flavors are the natural colors and flavors of the vegetables used. 38% in each chip is made of beetroot. Potato flakes are present by 34%.  It’s 100% natural, free of artificial ingredients, GMO free, vegan friendly product.

Average Nutritional Values Per100 g40 g
Energy481 kcal
2008 kJ
193 kcal
803 kJ
Fat29 g12 g
Of Which Saturated3.4 g1.4 g
Carbohydrates50 g20 g
Of Which Sugars1.4 g0.6 g
Fibre2.4 g1.0 g
Protein2.9 g1.1 g
Salt2.2 g0.9 g