Baked Enjoy Chips are the right thing for those who want to enjoy chips without remorse.
They have reduced fat content, contain fibre and minerals. They are made without preservatives, artificial flavour enhancers, and artificial colours. The vegetables that they are made of give them their colour. The pepper chips with spring onion contain 53 % of pepper. Owing to a unique technology, we succeeded in combining vegetables and potatoes without flour in them. The chips are crispy and will surely be appreciated by vegans as well. We prove that natural chips do not have to be lacking great taste.

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Average nutritional values per / Průměrné nutriční hodnoty pro / Priemerné nutričné hodnoty pre / Valori nutrizionali medi per / Nährwertangaben
100 g40 g*
Energy / Energetická hodnota / Valore nergetico / Brennwert377 kcal
1596 kJ
151 kcal
638 kJ
Fat / Tuky / Tuky / Grassi / Fett2,8 g1,1 g
Of which saturates / Z nichž nasycené mastné kyseliny / Z nich nasýtené mastné kyseliny / Di cui acidi grassi / Davon gesättigte fettsäuren0,4 g0,2 g
Carbohydrate / Sacharidy / Carboidrati / Kohlenhydrate81 g32 g
Of which sugars / Z toho cukry / Di cui zuccheri / Davon zucker2,6 g1,0 g
Fibre / Vláknina / Fibre / Ballaststoffe5,5 g2,2 g
Protein / Bílkoviny / Bielkoviny / Proteine / Eiweiß4,5 g1,8 g
Salt / Sůl / Soľ / Sale / Salz1,8 g0,7 g
*(per serving)