Classic snack lovers and healthy lifestyle gurus alike will fall in love with this version of our snack. They contain 10 grams of protein in each serving to enrich your experience, and the popular spicy chilli and fresh lime flavor will make you crave for more with each bite. Savor this protein snack without worry as it doesn’t contain gluten, palm oil, GMOs, artificial flavors and colors, or preservatives. They are also suitable for vegans.

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Average nutritional values per / Průměrné nutriční hodnoty pro / Priemerné nutričné hodnoty pre / Valori nutrizionali medi per / Nährwertangaben
100 g50 g*
Energy / Energetická hodnota / Valore nergetico / Brennwert496 kcal
2076 kJ
248 kcal
1038 kJ
Fat / Tuky / Grassi / Fett26 g12,9 g
Of which saturates / Z nichž nasycené mastné kyseliny / Z nich nasýtené mastné kyseliny / Di cui acidi grassi / Davon gesättigte fettsäuren3 g1,5 g
Carbohydrate / Sacharidy / Carboidrati / Kohlenhydrate44 g21,8 g
Of which sugars / Z toho cukry / Di cui zuccheri / Davon zucker1,5 g0,7 g
Fibre / Vláknina / Fibre / Ballaststoffe2 g1 g
Protein / Bílkoviny / Bielkoviny / Proteine / Eiweiß21 g10,7 g
Salt / Sůl / Soľ / Sale / Salz2,2 g1,1 g
*(per serving)